MEGGLE Serbia Ltd. wants satisfied raw material producers

Company MEGGLE Serbia Ltd. focuses on satisfaction of its raw material producers and aims to be acknowledged as their reliable business partner which will cooperate with them and try to solve current problems in a partner-like way, as it has always done throughout its history. Satisfied raw material producers are a guarantee for full employment in the company and production of healthy and safe food at competitive prices.

MEGGLE Srbija Serbia Ltd. wants satisfied customers and consumers

MEGGLE Serbia Ltd. is a customer-centric company which depends on its customers, and as such, it identifies their needs and is constantly working on the improvement of its products and services. With high quality work, implementation of food quality and safety systems and standards, and realisation of great business ideas, the company wishes to meet final consumers’ needs and motivate them to purchase its products again. Buyers of MEGGLE products are at the centre of all the processes that take place in the company; furthermore, all the processes are governed by their needs.

MEGGLE Serbia Ltd. achieves its goals by economical business operation

With responsible and economical use of resources, with good suppliers and high quality semi-finished goods, the goal of the company MEGGLE Serbia Ltd. is to offer competitive products that will both with their quality and their price meet market demands, while fulfilling the food safety requirements.

MEGGLE Serbia Ltd. incorporates principles of sustainability into every aspect of its business

Our sustainability strategy is based on economic success with extraordinary business models and future investments, responsibility of each individual and the company as a whole not only to present but also to future generations, as well as on long-term responsibility for the environment, which includes raw materials, water, energy, air and soil.

Motivated employees and cooperates are the key to achieving company’s goals

All employees are called upon to contribute and make the maximum effort so that the company’s goals can be accomplished. These goals can be achieved only by joined efforts and daily teamwork. Only with dedicated and responsible employees at all positions in the company can the market position be maintained or improved. Good communication between the management and the employees, as well as permanent education are a guarantee for further development of the company.

The management of MEGGLE Serbia Ltd is fully committed to implementing the policy of production of safe and healthy food based on HACCP principles and permanent improvement of food quality and safety systems in accordance with the implemented standards and in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Serbia.