We appreciate your interest in our website at and our company. We take the protection of your personal information, which during your visit to our website is collected and processed, very seriously. We have adopted technical and organisational steps to ensure that our company and our external service providers comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act. In this part of our website, we would like to inform you about the scope, nature and purpose of the collection and use of personal information that you share with us including its processing and application.

1. Collection and processing of data

"Personal data" is information about you as an individual. This includes details such as your name, address, phone number and email address.
Generally, you can visit our website without having to leave any personal information, for instance, when you simply want to learn more about our products by clicking on the corresponding webpages. In this way, we record all accessing of our website and downloading of any files stored on our website. These recorded log files are then used in internal systems and statistics. Our log records note the filenames accessed, date and time of access, amount of data transferred, whether access was successful, the web browser and domain used for accessing. This process does not transfer any personal data from your computer, and the data recorded by the system are stored separately from all personal data that you make available to us. We also note the IP addresses of computers that access our site.
In some cases, however, we need your name and address including other details to ensure the provision of the services you request. These other items of personal information are recorded and stored only if you have given voluntarily provided us with such information. An example of this is when sending an enquiry, when registering on our website, making an order (or by sending an enquiry) and the like.
You may withdraw consent for the use of your personal information at any time. To do so, please contact us.

2. Specific purpose, use and sharing of personal data

If you provide us with your personal information, we only use it to respond to your enquiries, to process your questions about our services (your participation in sweepstakes, etc.), in regards to your feedback on campaigns, or to allow you to access information and offers related to particular items. Any use of your personal information must be in accordance with the law.
We will collect, process and use personal information that you provide to us online only for the purposes previously notified by us. Your personal information will be transferred or communicated to third parties only if necessary for undertaking one of the activities mentioned in Paragraph 1, Section 2. An example might be when companies from the MEGGLE group have signed a contract with service providers (e.g. to deliver goods you have ordered) or if you have previously agreed to such data exchange. Such third parties are prohibited from using personal information for other purposes.
Indeed, we respect your wishes if you decide that your personal information not be used to improve our relationship with customers (especially for direct marketing purposes or market research).
Personal information about our customers will be published if the law or a court order requires us to disclosure of such information. Disclosure of personal information is also possible in the event that it be necessary to confirm or support our General Terms and Conditions or other signed agreements. The same applies in relation to the storage of this information.
No information will be published for our commercial benefit. Our employees and companies that provide services with which we have signed a cooperation agreement shall sign a confidentiality agreement to which they agree to respect the provisions of the Serbian Data Protection Act. All accesses to personal information by our employees is restricted to employees who need to access the information in question for the purpose of performing their duties in our company.

3. Deletion

The personal information we store about you is deleted in the following cases: if you withdraw your consent for the storage of your information; if knowledge of such information is no longer necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they were stored; or if their storage is prohibited due to other legal basis - except in cases where the legal period for retaining such information prohibits their deletion. In such situations, such information is exclude and are not deleted.

4. Information

When making an enquiry in writing, we will readily inform you concerning the information we store about you.
We make every effort to ensure that all the technical and organisational measures to store your personal information have been made, and that such information is safe from unauthorised access. In an e-mail communication, we cannot guarantee that your data will be 100% secure; if you want to send us information confidentially, we recommend that you do so by postal service.

5. Cookies

When you visit one of our webpages, we may decide to store information on your computer in the form of a cookie. A cookie is a small text file that is transferred to the user's computer during visits to a website, and is then stored on the computer's hard drive.
Data stored in these cookies helps us to automatically identify the next time you visit our website, and it allows us to additionally adapt our products and services to our customers, such as for example, simpler menu options. Cookies help us to personalise the website based on your interests and help to store your passwords, so you do not have to re-enter it when you visit.
A user can visit our website without using cookies. If you do not want them to your computer to recognise them when visiting, you can set up your computer not to store cookies on your hard drive by selecting "Do not accept cookies" in your browser settings. For specific details about how this functions, read the instructions provided by your web browser supplier. If you do not accept cookies, it may limit the functionality of our products and services.

6. Facebook

Our website integrates plug-ins from the social network site Facebook, 1601 South California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. You can identify such plug-ins via the Facebook logo or the "Like" button on our website. To view the Facebook plug-ins, please visit
When you visit our web site at , the plug-in provides a direct link between the browser and the Facebook server. In the process, Facebook is informed that you or your computer and IP address have visited our site.
If you click on the Facebook "Like" button when you are logged into your Facebook account, you can link content from our site to your Facebook profile. This allows Facebook to link a visit to our site with your user account. We expressly inform you that, as the provider of this website, we have no information about the data sent to Facebook, nor as to how it is used by Facebook. For more information, see the Facebook’s privacy policies at
If you do not want Facebook to connect your visit to our website with your Facebook account, sign out beforehand from your Facebook account.

7. Changes to conditions of our privacy policy

We reserve the right to make changes to our security policy and data protection system in cases where technological advances seem necessary. In such cases, we will also revise the terms of privacy. Therefore, we kindly request that you always read the latest version of the our privacy policy.

8. Links

This privacy policy does not apply to services offered by other companies or individuals, including products or websites.
When we offer links, we endeavor to ensure that these links reflect our Terms of Use and our security standards. However, we cannot influence other providers and force them to respect our privacy and security standards. Accordingly, see the website of the other service providers and in particular the privacy policy posted on their website.

9. Children and young people

As a general rule, persons under 18 are not allowed us to share any personal information without the consent of a parent or guardian. Furthermore, we explicitly declare that we do not require nor collect or share personal information to third parties relating to children and young people.

10. Authorized person / right to refuse / contact options

You can withdraw at any time your consent to the collection and storage of your personal information. You can also contact us if you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or if you want to correct or delete such information.